My Great,Great Grandfather and his Brothers

Andrew Jackson Hollingsworth Born: Dec. 7 1835 at Newton County, MS(or Georgia ??)
Died: Apr. 4 1907 at Newton County, MS
Married about 1858
Spouse: Mary Jane Riser
Born: 1833
Died: 1900
               He is buried at Macedonia Primitive Baptist Cemetery.                     
   Andrew Jackson Hollingsworth joined the CSA on March 2 1861. The only record I have been able to obtain was his Grave Card. It listed him as being a member of Company K, 10th Mississippi Infantry (also known as the Yazoo Minute Rifles). There is no record of him receiving a War Pension. He ended his service on April 26,1865

Elder Addison Hollingsworth
     Elder was also a member of Company K,10th Mississippi Infantry. Apparently he and Andrew joined on the same day. He ended his service on May 2, 1865. He also is buried in Macedonia Primitive Baptist Cemetery in Newton County, MS.

George Washington Hollingsworth
      George Washington (Wash) Hollingsworth, born 1829, Copiah County, Mississippi; Private, Co. F, 33rd Mississippi Infantry, CSA, and believed, killed during the War.

Isaac Alonzo Hollingsworth
    Isaac Alonzo Hollingsworth served in Company D, 36th Mississippi Regiment, CSA, under Col. Witherspoon and Capt. Joshua Tatum. He was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Atlanta. In describing the Defense of Vicksburg, Isaac told that men grew so hungry toward the end of the siege that they killed their horses for food. Isaac recalled that on the way home after the Fall of Vicksburg that he and others were so hungry that they stopped in a corn field and ate the corn uncooked from the field.

James Henry Hollingsworth
    Muster records indicate that Henry was a member of Company K, 11th (Perrin's) Mississippi Cavalry, CSA. He was captured and later released at Citronelle, Alabama. The war effort was particularly hard on Henry. Many soldiers had to provide their own clothing or depend on the volunteer effort. The records indicate that Henry's clothing grew so tattered that he had to order a new uniform--to be charged against his wages.

Jacob Horace Hollingsworth
     Jacob served with the Quitman Southrons, 6th Regiment, Mississippi Calvary CSA, and with the Leake Rovers, 27th Regiment, Mississippi Calvary CSA.

Francis Marion Hollingsworth
 Francis Marion Hollingsworth was a member of Conpany G, Madison Guards, 21st Mississippi Infantry CSA. He lost three fingers in the war.
                                                 Alfred P. Wash
      Alfred P. Wash was a private of Captain M. Carelton, Company A of the 5th Regiment of Mississippi. He joined the Confederate Army at the age of 42. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4,1863 and paroled on July 10,1863. There is a record showing Alfred Wash, Pvt. Company K, Perrin's Regiment of Cavalry, listed as absent from October 6,1863 thru August 1864. Remarks were "Parolled State Troops,furlough until exchanged". Alfred P. Wash was the Son in law of Ralph Simmons,a Veteran of the War of 1812. Ralph Simmons had eight sons in the Confederate Army.