Units of Newton County, Mississippi
A.J. Brown stated in "The History of Newton County from 1834 -1894" that there was somewhere around 1500 men that served in the war, that resided in Newton County.
Below is a list of the known Units from Newton County.
The Newton Rifles
The Harper Reserves
Capt. Reynold's Company
The Pinkney Guards, Co B (link)
Capt. Tatum's Company
Rayborn's Calvary Company
Company I, 36th Regiment
The Newton Hornets
Company A, 5th Reg. State Troops
Company D, 1st MS Calvary (Yankee Hunters)
Company B, 2nd MS Calvary (Newton Rangers)
1st MS Choctaw Battalion (link)
Company I, 46th MS Regiment of Inf
60 day Troops
Chunkey Heroes
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